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Re: lites101.edu

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>That is the common misconception..... Proper lenses and reflectors is the

All things *being equal*, more lumens (lumen, with an "e", plural lumens or
lumina, spelling it right makes the course more convincing) is going to mean
better visibility.  Pro Rallye has so little to do with my daily driving, it
doesn't matter.  8 x 55 w = 440, more than I have, anyway.  As someone said,
they don't want to stop if one breaks. 

> you can;t put a big enough bulb in your euros to come close

 I don't have "euros", if you read my post I have double 5-1/4's to replace
my 4x6's.  I have always been underimpressed by the beam pattern of 4x6's. 
I would take more lumens, in the right place, yes the reflector and lens
have got to be right or forget it, until I reach daylight or thereabouts.

No matter what the beam pattern, 100 watts will bounce up into oncoming
traffic's eyes from a wet road.

Thanks for your input, Scott, but my observation of some of the assertions
on this lighting thread, i.e. completely contradictory "expert" knowledge 
(others' as well), has led me to remember that the internet is not a
resource center, it's a bull session.  I will report on how well all the
crap I hang on my car works when I'm done installing and aiming and tweaking
.  YM will almost certainly V.

>>Whoa there!  Halagon (sic) bulbs do not like to work with less than 12V...
Sure they will turn on BUT you will seriously shorten their lives. NJTH -
STEADIRIC<<  Why is this?  I am curious, and curiouser (go ask Alice)!

Still mostly in the dark until I fire up my sino lights -
Huw Powell

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