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Re: static/defroster

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Is your mail sorted newest on top, or oldest?    (Newest - by time stamp)
>maybe majordomo/coimbra had a severe backlog.  (Yup - Dan had to "flush"
his American Standard)
>Dunno, it's almost all smoke and mirrors to me.  (I once had an email take
8 days to get to me - is that via Voyager?)

I'll let you know how the ground wire to the radio works out.  I assume that
when I turn the rear defrost on it "charges" the rear end.  This charge then
goes down the low resistance coax shield and turns into static.  Running an
additional line alongside the coax to the radio may equalize the potential
at both ends of the coax.  - Joe Y

Joe, someone hit it on the head I think the other day (perhaps a bad and
intermittent defroster wire on the glass? - Dan Hoefer).  It's got nothing
to do with RF in terms of the radio/antenna.  It's not the alternator 
(problem with engine off confirmed), It's not some mystical thing about the
defroster.  It's not even crummy contacts *at the terminals*.  Even ground
problems, loops, etc, couldn't cause FM radio noise.  I BET it is the fact
that I have a couple of dud traces - they probably generate a little arcing
- not much, but it would play havoc with the antenna being right next to it
and me always listening to stations that are 50 miles away.  BTW it does
lessen over 15 minutes or so.

My bad traces are from when I removed the sticker prev. owner put inside the
window, I scratched a couple by accident.  So now I have another motivation
to fix them (or open them up 1/4") - to test this theory.

Bye for now!
Huw Powell

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