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Re: Mobil 1 prices

><< A few weeks back someone had posted that Mobil 1 was available at
> Walmart for $2.87/qt. and a few other people had said the same.  I was
> at the Walmart in Manchester CT this past weekend and it was $3.88/qt.
> No real bargain.  Anyone else in CT have a different experience?  How
> about in MA, since I live on the border. >>
>kwitcher bitchen, at Wally-Mart in Canada it's $6-7.00!

>Maybe you don't have it as bad as you make it sound. $6-7.00 Canadian
>couldn't be worth more than $3.88US could it?

Yep, 'fraid so...

$6 CAN = $4.42 US
$7 CAN = $5.16 US

EVERYTHING costs more in Canada!