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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1489

Steve states:

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> >All high-current connections (ie all but relay sense and ground) should
> also be soldered for best results.
> Yes.  Yes!  I meant to say that!

FWIW, we quit using soldered wiring connections several years ago due to
their high failure rate in high vibration environments.  US military
specs no longer allow soldered connections for the same reason.
Solderless terminals are the only type allowed.  Good crimping tools (ie
no pliers) are required to make them work right, though.
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Absolutely, but, military connections are well protected from exposure
and well "strain reliefed".  I have had many connections on my cars fail
from vibration and corrosion and poor crimping.  Military crimpers are
rather precise and $$$$.  I too prefer to solder wires to some connectors
as it prevents corrosion between the wire and the connector and it stiffens
the wire at the connector, which is where it will break.

An alternative is to cover the wire/connector junction with heat
shrink tubing.  This will inhibit penetration by the elements and
stiffen the wire at it's most vulnerable point.

When my car was new I potted the back of every plastic connector in the
engine bay with RTV.  None of them has failed in over 14 years.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe