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Re:Engine Question

I currently run the previously described 2.3L motor, in my 86 GT!!!

I started with the stock, 80.93mm, 8.5:1 pistoned block, and bored it to
83.093mm Mahle(OEM) 10.5-1 pistons!  These pistons are considered "stock"
to many a Euro tuner!!! Here in the states I was told by several people I
was crazy!!!

The FI handles this setup well in the middle rpm range, but has a tendency
to "lean"
out in the higher rpm's!! Easily correctable!!!  Once you get the fuel
straight, this 
is a "mean" motor!!! Bags & bags of torque!!!!  Very tunable and much more
smoother  powerband than the OE engine!!!  Well worth the investment!!!! 

In machinists circle's, the I5 block could actually be bored to accept
84.5mm pumpers!! (The BTCC Audi runs) However some "special preparations"
need to be done to the block , to make it "survive!!  I know theres a
Q-Lister out there with a Eurovan engine!!! This engine has 84.5mm pistons.
I would love to tear into it and have a looksee!!!

Theres alot engine combos that work on the I4 (VW&Audi) Including a 16V
Turbo!!!! BTDT!!  A good tuner to talk with here in the states is
Or grab a ABT "Engine Programme Book", and this will give you an idea of
whats available!!!   There are certain OEM combinations of blocks and heads
that are
"bolt-on" HP gains!!!!   

Knowledge is King!!!!