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RE:The merits of the A6QW with a new model around the corner

In a note dated 12/5/96, Scott Bermes asks:

>I really want a new quattro wagon and with the national ad promotion, never
seen >soooo many A6QW on dealer lots.
>So is anybody happy with their A6QW?  Is it better than the 100CSQW?
>89 200tqw (for sale if anybody is interested)
A6qw better than 100csqw??? Hard to say. When the 100csqw came out, I owned
an 87 5kcstqw and was very disappointed in the auto-only non-sports car and
very family wagon-like 100csqw. After all, like your 89 200tqw, the 5kcstqw
was the station wagon that thinks its a sports car...especially after mods.
As an owner and sometimes driver (as little as possible) of an older ovlov DL
mommie-wagon, I can relate to the 7 seat capacity combined with European
handling and safety (read not a mommievan!) aspects of the A6qw and 100csqw.
In fact, I think that the A6qw is quite a bargain given it is the same price
as a ovlov 960 wagon and a far cry better car over all. If I required the 7
seat capacity and were financially unchallenged enough to pay 38k for a new
wagon, the A6qw would be it for sure.

As a previous owner of a 5kcstqw...I would never be truly happy with it
except for its utility values. If I owned your car...I know for sure I would
be very disappointed indeed, especially after plunking down that kind of
money...just because I know that Audi can do so much better. Now, an S6qw on
the other hand...got to see and play with a beautiful black one of those a
few months back at the dealer and it was exactly what would make me
happy...too bad it stickered at around 52k!!!

Now then, you mentioned your 200tqw is for sale??? Where do you live!? If I
can’t buy it, I know somebody who will if it is reasonably close to CA. But,
are you really sure you want to part with what is fast becoming such a
desirable used q??? I wouldn’t.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (and still missing that tqw and 3 other gone but not forgotten q’s)