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tires for the V8

Does anyone have any recent experience and/or suggestions for a good all
season tire for the V8.  I am thinking about some of these

XGT V4  ( I have these on a '95 Dodge Intrepid and they seem really good in
the winter also.)  On the Interpid they are of the +1 variety and I run them
year round.

Comp T/A VR4 ( a friend of mine has these on his 5000 TQ and likes them)
Eagle Aquatred
P600 MS

or I was considering a -1 set of 70 series 14 inch Blizzaks and going with
some other high performance summer tires latter to replace the worn D60A2's
currently on the car.

Any advice, suggestions etc. are welcome.  I would probably get the tires
from tire rack.