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RE: best tyres up front or in the rear? (was '89 200q ?s)

I agree. If you have more traction in the front, it is quite easy to over 
drive the rears and spin.

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At 11:29 PM 12/5/96 -0500, I6941tb@aol.com wrote:
>Fellows, pleeeeze, do yourself a favor: always put your best 
>tyres in the front! If you don't believe me just watch any 
>empty, non-ABS car braking on ice and you'll see how the 
>front tyres lock up while the rears keep on rolling, not 
>participating in the braking chores.

I have been to several tire shops in the past where they REFUSE to put 2 new
tires on the front of a car, whether FWD, RWD, AWD.  The cynic in me says
they just wanted to sell 4 tires instead of 2, but their rationale (common
to all shops) has logic:  You can control the front tires by the steering
wheel, the rears are only along for the ride (esp in a FWD).  Should a
blowout occur at speed (more likely on the older tires), you have more
chance of controlling the car if the rears are still intact (with a blown
front) than if the fronts are still intact (with a blown rear).

jeez, i can't believe the way that just came out--Bob, keep quiet :).  
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