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The Uniden worked

o.k., here's the scoop. I am coming home tonight on a beautiful, new
highway just opened up by my neck of the woods. I'm relaxing and getting
used to the road so only going low 60's. Suddenly the Uniden blasts off a
laser warning. I'm checking around, can't see ANYTHING. I drive on a while
more in silence and then again a laser blast. Another 50-60 yards and I see
him. Local cop parked in between the S and N bound lanes. It was 10:30p.m.,
pitch black with no moonlight or star light - pitch black so there was
never any chance to see him until you were right next to him. I guesstimate
that the first warning sounded by the Uniden was at least a mile and a half
before I came to the cop and most likely closer to the two mile range. Man,
for as much of a piece of crap as this thing is on most every other
situation, it really handled the laser like a dream. Whatever stray rays I
was picking up from this character, the unit was giving me way more time
than needed to slow down if I'd been pushing it. Well, that was this boy's
fun for the evening.


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