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Re: Engine Question Euro motor

In a message dated 96-12-06 21:53:22 EST, you write:

<< need to be done to the block , to make it "survive!!  I know theres a
 Q-Lister out there with a Eurovan engine!!! This engine has 84.5mm pistons.
 I would love to tear into it and have a looksee!!! >>

I'm the Q-lister your speaking of, but the Eurovan motor uses a piston bore
of 81mm.  A bore of 83 mm will yield a healthy 2.6 liters, havn't thought of
boring it out much bigger than that though It can be done... The euro motor
gets it's bump in displacement from a 95.5mm stroke (similar to the new 2.0
liter VW's) The rod is 155mm long and uses a 24mm wrist pin.. Crank rod
journals are the same as a turbo diesel (huge) and the mains are the same as
any old 5 cyclinder... The block is about 3/4 of an inch taller than a
standard 5 cyclinder block and is a bubble design..  The sides of the block
are 'bubbled' outward to clear the crank...  I suspect that the stroke can be
increased to about 105mm $$$$$$ with an 83 mm bore $$$ will yield close to
3.0 liters..  Or course speed cost money how fast you wanna go???