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Re: Cali impact Fees

>  If the car has a sticker on it (under the hood somewhere) that says
>it's California Emissions certified by the EPA, you don't have to pay
>the $300 impact fee. Otherwise get your checkbook out. (eg it doesn't
>matter how 'clean' your car smogged.)

Isn't BIG government wonderful.  We just had our '84 ovloV 245 tested for
the umpteenth time and at WORST it was 0.4% of the allowed emissions.
What's more, they did it on a dynometer.  I've never had one of my FI cars
exceed 1% of the allowable emissions.  It would seem that after passing the
emissions test by wide enough margins for a period of time, common sense
would reign and they would quite testing the non-emitters.  But that would
not feed the bureacracy.  Fortunately, here in western WA, we no longer are
forced to oxygenated fuel and the consequential annual fuel filter changes.

I recently encounter a chap driving a HUGE Jeep something or other V8 with a
"Vote Environmental" bumper sticker on it.  He did not take very kindly to
my comment that it was quite a gas hog for an "environmental voter" to be
driving.  Hypocracy is SOOO much fun.

I yeild my soapbox.

Mandatory Audi content:  When we emissions tested the V8Q it was 0.8% of
allowed hydrocarbon emissions which I think was in part related to a cold
engine due to stuck open thermostat.  Since repaired.

Robert Wheeldon
'90 V8Q
Principal Engineer
Boeing Commercial Airplane