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5ktq radio upgrade

My original from the audi factory radio died the other day and now I seem to
be faced with a dilemma.  The local car stereo place suggests replacing the
head unit, rewiring all the speakers to by pass the audi amps and drive the
system from the head unit.  Crutchfield has a wire harness conversion which
allows me to replace the head unit but continue to drive the speakers from
the audi amps thus sparing me the rewire.  Anyone have any suggestions as how
best upgrade this system.  By the way it's the 10 speaker version and just to
complicate matters I have a Alpine 35w x2 amp I would'nt mind using.  I would
like to add an in dash CD and upgrade the over all sound without going nuts.
 Any advice Audi from audiophiles would be appreciated.

Thanks Bob