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HELP,Big vibration

It seems that my car is not the only one out there that is being afflicted by
a vibration in the front end.  I can not seem to track down the vibration
that seems to be a wheel bearing.  the sound sounds like it is coming from
the left front wheel. I have replaced the front left wheel bearing twice now
with no avail.  I just replaced the front left axel thinking that the CV
joint may be the culprit, it was not(good thing my auto parts store likes me,
they let me return it for a full refund).  Both times that I have done the
left front bearing I have not replaced the hub because it did not look like
anything was wrong with it.  What should I look for in a bad hub?  The car is
a 1987 5KTQ with 101600 miles on it. it has the 15X7" Fuchs wheels with
215/60 BFGoodrich Comp T/A(Third generation) in the front and 215/60 Dunlop
D40/M2 in the back.  Any help with this would be greatly apreciated.