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93 S4---look closely

	Meant to post this the other day, but, day job got in the way.

	Several months [prolly 6?] ago I looked at a Red / Black 93 S4 w/ 
about 25,000 miles, guy was asking around 30k.  Car had been wrecked, but 
rebuild was as good as I have ever seen.  Problem was, the car was [as 
price should tell you] being pitched as a pristine, unwrecked example.  
At that time, it was not being sold through a dealership.  I questioned 
the guy about it, said I didn't know what I was talking about.  Whatever.

	Anyway, be careful.  The used car market has some good guys and 
some bad guys, just like everything else.  BTW, this car had been whacked 
in the front.  Before you buy a high dollar used car, take it to someone 
you trust on body, etc.  Oh, I did offer to buy the car for 15, which 
would have been a very good deal.  Guy asked me to leave.

	Next time I will post serial number on the net.