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Re: Advice on Rain Tyres

>BTW, about 80% of participants of an any given Q-club track event have them
>on their cars. A number of listers too (Eric-care to comment?). About 10%
>have A008 Yokos and 10% have other brands.

 I Agree with Igor here.  I'm running the D40M2's and I did run the 
D60's.  Not only are the tires the best street tires that I have run (and 
I've run lot's!) but they are also the best performance/$$ value ($87 for 
a 215/60-15 D40M2!) I also don't hesistate to use these on the track 
either, I'm only giving away a little to the BFG R1 and I don't have to 
get my hands dirty changing to "Track Tires".  Yokos BTW are nice on 
Light weight FWD cars but I would NEVER run them on a 5KQ/200/S4/V8.......


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO