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Re: alternator brushes/volt regulator

> I ask for one big reason:  My car exhibits a few of the
>symptoms described in the article.  I have a one year old Bosch
>battery, that every so often goes flat enough to not start the
>car.  After a jump, or the ever popular
>one-man-out-of-the-garage-backwards-push-start, it runs fine for
>a few weeks.  I had the battery checked and the verdict was the
>battery was okay, but undercharged; I should have my charging
>system checked, or drive more. 

Have you tried hooking up an ammeter in series with the battery and measure
leakage current when the car is off? You shouldn't have more than 100 ma, my old
car had the same problem before I sold it, found out it had about 1 amp leakage.
Fine if you drove it every day, but leave it sit for a week, drive it one day,
leave it at the airport again, and the battery gets discharged quite a
bit......not to mention that all of those cycles and leaving the battery at a
low charge level reducing life significantly.


Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

91 200q

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