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Re: Wheel fantasy

On Sat, 7 Dec 1996 I6941tb@aol.com wrote:

> Correct. The centre bore dia is larger on a MB, though. Since both cars run

Correct, Igor, the M-B hub is 66.6mm, while the AUdi hub is 57.1.  I 
bought hubcentris rings from a wheel accessories supplier when I put the 
BBS on my car.  These BBS had been machined for the M-B app.

> hubcentric wheels, one would need a precisely machined adapter ring in order
> to mount a MB wheel on an Audi. Only to discover that the offsets are way
> different (RWD v. FWD/AWD).

The offsets are not too far off necessarily.  My BBS were 36mm offset, 
which works fine on my 5000 with a 15x7 wheel with 215/60-15 D60A2s.

The biggest problem was that the BBS wheel had a very thick center.  SO 
much so that the Audi wheel bolts wouldn't reach the hub.  I had to 
install studs, which was a major PITA, however, its ALOT more convenient 
now with studs.

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