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Re: Wheel fantasy

In a message dated 96-12-07 14:24:47 EST, graydon@apollo.gmi.edu (Graydon D.
Stuckey) writes:

> The biggest problem was that the BBS wheel had a very thick center.  SO 
>  much so that the Audi wheel bolts wouldn't reach the hub.  I had to 
>  install studs, which was a major PITA, however, its ALOT more convenient 
>  now with studs.

Where did you get those whacky 14x1.5mm studs? A while ago I considered
replacing damn bolts with the studs, but the only source that I found was a
Fla based outfit called "Rally", who made a conversion kit. Studs in the kit
had 14x1.5mm thread on one end and 1/2'-20 thread on the other. That was
really dumb, I've sent them back.
Call me a stubborn, metric-indoctrinated European, but I refuse to deal with
anything non-metric either on my cars or in the everyday life.

If you could hint me on where can I get the studs, Graydon, I'd appreciate it
very much!
(And the lug nuts with the round seats also).

Igor Kessel