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Re: tires for the V8

Durnit, I can't believe I'm posting this cuz there are a whole bunch of 
experts out there... but I've had D60A2's on the V8 (both old style 
tread and new style) for about 50k. They are good tires in the rain, 
great  for normal driving (I pump mine up higher than the recommended 
max), track nicely, and very quiet--but are far from high performance 
tires. And believe me they are not snow tires. My Q goes when all 
three 4x4's are grounded  in the black ice,  but no doubt Blizzak or Nokia dedicated
snows  would be a ton better. With the D60's the tail end of the V8 wags purty
quick on ice unless you've had lots of track time or good reflexes 
(both?) About a hundred pounds of whatever in the trunk helps, 
though.... Suspect I'll get a set of Blizzak snows in a week or so--or mebbe
something more exotic like Mich. M n S... still thinkin.
I'll probably buy the D60A2's again but then I'm an old fart..
Happy sledding,

> I'm not sure what I'd recommend for all season tires for your V8, since I run
> D40M2 summer/Blizzak winter, but I know you won't fit 14" steel wheels on
> that car!  Also, make sure you tell Tire Rack whether you have the UFO brakes
> (standard on 90/91) or the updated ones.  There have been numerous posts with
> favorable things to say about the new D60A2's.