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Lights (bit long)

Sometimes the experiences of another do more to shed light on a situation
than all of the technical theory that can be mustered on this list.  For my
part, I find the anecdotal evidence more usefull, and the scientific
evidence merely baffeling (Poli-sci/German major -- got to love the

Anyway, here's my $.02 on lighting.
When I did my Scirocco 16V, I had two choices:
        1.  Do the flush H1/H3 aero lights ($$$$$$)
        2.  Keep the four 4x6 look, and use Hella H4/H1 lights.

I opted for the latter.  I wired the outboard high/low lights in the stock
config, as I was only using 65w/55w bulbs in them.  The inboard highs
(mains) were to have 100w bulbs, so I wired in relays (Hellas with integral
15amp fuses -- I think) which used the original power supply for the trigger
and powered the lights straight from the battery.  It kept the stealthy look
I wanted, and worked well.  All I had to do at inspection time was put 65w
bulbs in the mains, and the tech wouldn't notice anything amiss.

As for their effectiveness, they were great.  If there was any fog or precip
though, the highs only made it hard to see.  I had aimed the lights
properly, and in the dry I could see for a long way.  Nobody ever flashed
me, and I could always see.  I will say though that the glare off of larger
signs was nearly blinding (if the mains were on).  

Would I do it again?  You bet.  The big advantages I see to the 4x6 lights
are : stealth, aimability, and replacement cost (hit a deer and broke only
one light, an H1 main.  I was out $25.00.  Those aero lights cost how much?)

Looks are a different issue all together.  Since the VW came with the 4x6
lights, it looked stock.  Personally, I think the Euro-spec, aero lights
look better on the Audis than the four-square look.  To each his (or her)
own though.

FWIW, the OE lights on my GTI VR6 are very good.  Pseudo-european pattern,
without the razor sharp cut-off, and good mains.  Not the Scirocco, but
better than my old 4kcsq (how could they be worse though?).

That's it for my "BTDT" story.  BTW, I got the lights from APS, and they
came with wire connectors to switch the polarities of the wiring.  It made
the whole thing very easy (got the relays for the mains there too).

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