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Re: 5ktq radio upgrade

In a message dated 96-12-07 11:36:17 EST, Contsbi@aol.com writes:

> My original from the audi factory radio died the other day and now I seem
>  be faced with a dilemma.  The local car stereo place suggests replacing
>  head unit, rewiring all the speakers to by pass the audi amps and drive
>  system from the head unit.  Crutchfield has a wire harness conversion
>  allows me to replace the head unit but continue to drive the speakers from
>  the audi amps thus sparing me the rewire.  Anyone have any suggestions as 
> how best upgrade this system.  By the way it's the 10 speaker version and
> to complicate matters I have a Alpine 35w x2 amp I would'nt mind using.  I 
> would like to add an in dash CD and upgrade the over all sound without
going nuts.
>  Any advice Audi from audiophiles would be appreciated.

Hi, Bob!

1) I have an OEM Delta radio in a perfect working order, that came off my
200TQ. It has a dash display interface, security lock and all bells and
wistles. I want $100 for it.
2) If you want a really_good_system, tear everything apart and install some
high end aftermarket stuff ($$$$!).

Like my ex-boss (Sassafras Soundworks) used to say: "There is no such a thing
as a good factory stereo". One month of running a 4-bay installation shop was
enough for me to start subscribing to this notion with my both hands.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ

Head unit:  Alpine radio/cassette
Equalizer:  Alpine, active, w/11 channels and memory (aka "dancing lights")
Front amp: Alpine, 2 channels
Rear amp:  Alpine, 4 channels, bridged
Front spkrs:Alpine, 3 ways
Rear spkrs: Boston Acoustic, 3 ways