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Re:Advice on Rain Tyres


	I live in the pacific northwest where it rains all the time :)
I have found that the Bridgestone Turanza 'H' EL60 has been a very good
compromise of extremely wet and dry weather performance.  Granted they
are not race tires nor do they handle that way dry, they are however
above average in ther dry for being an all season tire.  These are the
only tires I have ever owned that still provided great wet performance
even 70% worn down (I have a set on my VW Quantum with 35k and still no
hydroplaning at 65mph).  I just purchased my second set of them and put
them on the 84 4KSQ, 3k miles later I am still smiling!  They are
reasonalble priced at about $75-$85 each.
I hope my experience with these tires helps you.

Stephen Jenkins
Protland, OR