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Re: Here's my letter to AoA:

> >      I hope these comments help and do not fall on deaf ears, and that Audi
> >will take the thousands of Audi loyalist seriously.  Please feel free to
> >contact me to discuss the what could be done to help the many Audi owners in
> >America who feel neglected.
> >Sincerely,
> >Christian J. Long
> Good job. hopefully someone in Gerd Klaus' office will take notice. I'm
> continually amazed at how a car company like Audi can survive on such a
> purely atrocious dealer/service network. let's keep our collective fingers
> crossed...
> - Abhijit

. . . but not hold our breath.  Sad fact of the matter is, there seems
to be little incentive for AoA or AofAnything to pay attention to folks
like ourselves.  I have corresponded twice with AoA, and cc'd in the
home office the second time because I was so miffed I hadn't gotten a
response the first time.  Never heard back from either Michigan or
Germany.  I did not expect a response hand-delivered by a bikini-clad
Miss Audi in an RS2.  But I did expect a response.  I corresponded with
Volvo America several times before I was smitten by the quattro.  I
always heard back from Volvo, and sometimes there were follow-ups to the
initial response.  Once I had a problem with a turbo replacement,  and
they sent apologies in the form of a Swedish crystal bud vase, for
cryin' out loud.  The primary reason for all the attenion was that
Volvo's longtime flak was an enthusiast and felt deeply that Volvo had
to stay in touch with owners who cared enough to write.  I wonder if it
would make sense to try to make an end run around Herr Klaus and find a
more sympathetic ear somewhere else in the executive office, as was the
case with the Volvo flak, and try to get entre that way?  If there is
such a person.