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Re:dim bulb (back to program)

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Back to program:  You have converted your 4X6 to 5 1/4 lenses, that's great
.  Are they hellas, cibies or other?

Other.  Note my mention of "Sino"?  They are real cheap ones from JCW, "off
road" use only, which is probably just because of the wattage, reflectors
made in China.  They seem to have *no* particular beam pattern, they even
blur the low beam cutoff that the Hellas in my truck demonstrate so
effectively.  The system even now blows away the horrible 4x6 sealed beams
as you can imagine.  Wouldn't take much.  I would love to have some really
nice reflectors for it though, and put the Sino's (I hope that isn't an
offensive term? I don't think it is) in my tool kit for roadside emergencies