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A4 auto-up on a Passat?

Please excuse the low Audi content.

I recently bought a Passat GLX wagon. We really wanted an A4Q wagon, but
got tired of waiting for the manual/1.8 and the take-it-or-leave-it
attitude of the dealer. We still don't know for sure if the A4 Avant will
even come to the US, or if the new Passat will have the Audi AWD in the US.

Such is lfe. My question is regarding the "auto-up" power window feature.
The Passat manual indicates the car has it, but it doesn't - just
auto-down. However, the A4 has the auto-up as well, and if I'm not
mistaken, there is a fair bit of similarity between the two cars - even the
switches look identical.

Any electrical geniuses out there know what it takes to add the auto-up?

97 Passat wagon (red/black)
92 Laser turbo AWD