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Re: HELP,Big vibration

Sonar465@aol.com wrote:
> It seems that my car is not the only one out there that is being afflicted by
> a vibration in the front end.  I can not seem to track down the vibration

> a 1987 5KTQ with 101600 miles on it. it has the 15X7" Fuchs wheels with
> 215/60 BFGoodrich Comp T/A(Third generation) in the front and 215/60 Dunlop
> D40/M2 in the back.  Any help with this would be greatly apreciated.
> TIA,
> Jim

Sounds like tires or wheels to me.

You could try rotating wheels from front to rear to see if the noise
moves too. That will eliminate the question of hubs, bearings, or cv's.

I doubt that you could bend the hub without first severly deforming or
breaking  the wheel.

Mine had an annoying vibration problem that turned out to be a wheel
slightly out of shape axially. You can get them straightened for about
$100 ea if necessary. If the wheel isn't true to form it may vibrate,
even if the balancing machine says it is balanced.

If you're lucky, and the wheels are ok, it must be the tires. Get the
other two D40M2's. You'll be real happy with the handling.

Hope this helps,
Gil Ceniceros
88 5ktqw with 205/60-15 D40M2's and nice straight Fuchs