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1st Snow in My A4

Well, we just had our first snow here in the good old northeast US of A
and I must tell you, I was looking forward to taking my 97 A4Q out to
Boy was I disappointed! No, it wasn't the Q-system, I guess it worked
just fine. And I know the ABS was working - I felt that. But for a
'winter' car with an aditional winter package, the car sure has some
dinky little skinny and streaky windshield wipers that were pretty much
But that's not all, folks. The heavy and moist air fogged up all the
windows within 2 minutes of when the auto-heat came on. "No problemo," I
though and pushed the AC button hoping to dehumidify the air. But noooo:
Hanz und Klaus back in Bayerwaldenburgenstrasse decided I 'vil not need
aircondition im Vinter!' Completely fogged up, I almost went off the
Wow, what a safety feature!

GALA-free 97A4Q