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80 front shocks- life expectancy?

Hi all,

The strong winds here lately have really made me aware of a weak point of
my 1988 80: its sensitivity to crosswinds. Lately it feels like it's been
getting even worse. The car has 200K km (125 K miles) on it, a light 4-cyl
engine and I think it hasn't been mistreated. No potholes here at least,
but I can only vouch for the last 50K km. It seems to have the original
shocks. I know tyres are a bit dodgy at the moment, but even fitting better
tyres did not solve the problem.

My question: any guesses as to the life expectancy of front shocks on this
car? Is this wandering front end due to worn shocks, or just something I
have to learn to live with?

TIA for your answers!

1988 80 1.8S

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