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91 200q Surgin' Fixed

Got my new O2 sensor for my 91 200q, installed it yesterday.

FIXED MY SURGING! No more, when it is cold or hot.....completely.

I didn't buy the exact O2 sensor, I got a good deal on a Bosch 3 wire with a
different connector. Had to cut, strip, solder, heat shrink. I don't know if I
would do that again because the wire is a high temperature silver stranded wire
with a high temperature insulation on it. The connections that I made are about
6-9" away from the O2 sensor.

Make sure you have a high wattage soldering gun, because that silver wire needs
it.....it took me a long time to get the wire heated up....and it still wasn't
hot enough.

Hope the heat and vibration doesn't do anything to the connection, I tried to
relieve it of any strain.


Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com