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> 1. What are the best points of interest along the way?
Off the top of my head:
You really should go through Portland, Oregon, then up I-5 to Seattle. 
Portland has Powell's, the biggest bookstore on the West Coast--I mean, we're 
talking book lover's wet dream! What I especially like is they shelve new and 
used copies of the same book together, and you take your pick.
Also check out Columbia Gorge scenic highway--drive east out of Portland. You 
can do it (out and back) in a day. Great scenery!
Outside Centralia, WA, about halfway between Portland and Seattle, you'll see 
the Hamilton Farms billboard, w/a picture of Uncle Sam. I don't know what your 
politics are, but Mr. Hamilton is a rabid John Bircher, and he always displays 
something provocative! It's 2-sided, so have your better half check the north 
side as you pull away!
There are some good "Best Places" guidebooks (_Seattle Best Places_, _Portland 
Best Places_, _NW Best Places_) put out by Sasquatch Publishing, Seattle. Also 
one called (I think) _Northwest Cheap Sleeps_. Wide World Books, (206) 
634-3453, is a good travel book store. I don't know if they do mail order, but 
it's worth a shot. Powell's has a separate travel book store. Their main store 
has an 800 number, so you could call them and get the travel book store's 
Seattle restaurants: Wild Ginger (pan-Asian), Wanza, Kokeb (both Ethiopian), 
more Thai restaurants than you can shake a stick at. Don't know if you're beer 
connoisseurs, but both Seattle and Portland have many fine small breweries.
>From the Seattle area, try taking a state ferry to Bainbridge Island (great 
breakfasts at the Streamliner Diner, which is <not> a classic steel diner 
despite its name) or to the San Juan Islands.
The  University of Washington Arboretum is nice.
 > If at least 1/2 of what people tell me about that city turns out 
 > to be true, I might seriously consider moving there.
My guess is you'll be seriously considering it!
I gather you're in Philly--I was born and raised in Easton. Left in '67.
 > would anyone along the way be interested in getting together
Sure, give me some advance notice. I'm at (206) 783-7832.
--Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; Internet: 72220.443@compuserve.com