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Igor's Odyssey


I envy you your forthcoming trip.  I'm going to pass on all your
questions, save one -- scenic routes to the Northwest U.S. -- and offer
an observation regarding the time of year you're setting sail that may
seem obvious, but prolly is worth making anyhow.

If the Northwest is indeed your probable destination, then my own
personal favorite stretch o' east-west highway may be a little out of
your way, or maybe the way to go if things are weird to the north on
I-80 and/or I-90.  My favorite is the road from Denver to Glenwood
Springs, CO, both before and after I-70 was completed.  You climb out of
Denver into some serious mountains, zoot down past Vail and into
wonderful canyonland to Glenwood, where there are marvelous hot spring
baths.  If you aren't in a big rush, go south from Glenwood on Colorado
82 to Aspen.  Stop in Carbondale, the first town south of Glenwood, and
have breakfast at the Village Smithy.  Great folks, great food, good
prices.  You'll probably hate Aspen, but the ride is awesome and can be
done round trip in about three hours, conditions permitting.  There are
Audi dealers in Denver and Glenwood.  Usual disclaimers.  As Prof.
Powell noted, your best bet probably will be VW shops if, heaven forbid,
the Audi Gods are not smiling.  There is easy access to that stretch of
I-70 from east and west. Again, note that it can be a more southerly
weather relief route if you absolutely have to drive and the more direct
routes are major impassable.

Speaking of which, a few words about the weather: Pack and plan as if
you expect to be stranded in serious and possibly catastrophic weather. 
I'm talking about food, sleeping bags, blankets, water, weather radio,
blah, blah, blah.  This is no bull.

Bon voyage.