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Re: HELP,Big vibration

Sonar465@aol.com wrote:
> It seems that my car is not the only one out there that is being afflicted by
> a vibration in the front end.  I can not seem to track down the vibration
> that seems to be a wheel bearing.  the sound sounds like it is coming from
> the left front wheel. I have replaced the front left wheel bearing twice now
> with no avail.  I just replaced the front left axel thinking that the CV
> joint may be the culprit, it was not(good thing my auto parts store likes me,
> they let me return it for a full refund).  Both times that I have done the
> left front bearing I have not replaced the hub because it did not look like
> anything was wrong with it.  What should I look for in a bad hub?  The car is
> a 1987 5KTQ with 101600 miles on it. it has the 15X7" Fuchs wheels with
> 215/60 BFGoodrich Comp T/A(Third generation) in the front and 215/60 Dunlop
> D40/M2 in the back.  Any help with this would be greatly apreciated.
> TIA,
> Jim Jim:
I am guessing without more information... 
Check "run out" of wheels (rims) at higher speed with wheels off the car 
in a suitable dynamic balancer. You should actually measure the run out. 
 At the same time check for tires "out of round" or tracking off center. 
(slipped belt)
Good luck