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Re: A4 Remote Locks and Roadside Assistance

George Economou <economou@tiac.net> sez:
> It was a cold day so I decided to warm up the car.  I used the remote 
> to unlock the doors.  Instead of sitting in the car to start it as I 
> usually do, I stood at the opened door, reached over and turned the 
> key.  I shut the door, walked away, came back a couple of minutes
> later.  Opened the trunk, closed the trunk, walked away, came back a 
> couple of minutes later.  SURPRISE, the car was now locked with the
> engine running!
> This should not happen.  Some time ago, I played with the door locks to
> convince myself that the remote system won't lock me out.  I found out
> that when the engine is running, the remote is disarmed and the central
> lock button won't work if the driver door is open.  So, this should not
> happen.

When I took delivery of my A4Q, as the salesman was going over the operation
of the car, he showed me a "don't do" in regards to the trunk lock.  It had
something to do (I think) with locking the car from the trunk and then
removing the key from the trunk lock in the locked position.

I guess it automatically locks the rest of the car when you close it with
the keylock in this position or something.  I think the remote will unlock
it, but since the keylock is still in the lock position it re-locks
(everything) when you close it.  He actually went through the sequence of
events to demonstrate how you could get locked out.

Oh hell, I can't remember the details.  I was just saying over and over
inside, "I can't wait to get this baby on the road!"  I do remember, though,
that he said several customers had already locked themselves out of the car
this way.

I just made a mental note not to ever remove the key from the trunk in the
locked position... KISS :-)