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RE: 1st Snow in My A4

>Ivan Sever <sever@husc.harvard.edu> writes:
>Well, we just had our first snow here in the good old northeast US of A
>and ... snip ...
>Boy was I disappointed! ... snip ...
>But that's not all, folks. The heavy and moist air fogged up all the
>windows within 2 minutes of when the auto-heat came on. "No problemo," I
>though and pushed the AC button hoping to dehumidify the air. But noooo:
>Hanz und Klaus back in Bayerwaldenburgenstrasse decided I 'vil not need
>aircondition im Vinter!' Completely fogged up, I almost went off the
>Wow, what a safety feature!

Maybe you need to get your climate system checked?  My '97 A4Q always
switches on the A/C when I hit the demist button.

-Mark Quinn