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1.8T 5 Speed (Dealer Duh!)

We have been to 3 dealers in the LA area.  My sister has had a deposit on a
stick shift 1.8 since September.  Our dealer says late march.  Another says
late february.  And yet another says mid January. 

Somebody please tell me what the heck is going on so I can calm my sister's
over-excited little heart.  She has had her 4000 since 1989.  

BTW- when we get the 1.8T, our Audi portfolio will be a 1996 A6Q, a 1997 1.8T
Q, and a 1990 Coupe Q.  Yeah- mine is the oldest- but still has the best butt
in the business!!

And yes, I have completed my move and am back online.  Hi Bob, Eric, Tom,
Dick, and Harry.  Did I miss anything?

Saam Gabbay
1990 Coupe Quattro
SaamG@aol.com (now it's $19.99 unlimited use.)