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Re: Hi-Fi installation 101.

I used to say no OE radios in my cars but now, as a volume dealer, it is far too troublesome to deal with aftermarket replacement lower $ radios and their problems so I try to buy all the used OE radio's-VW/Audi that I can find!  I have a customer--an electronics engineer who seems to repair these in batches of 20+ and does so promptly--within a few months!  For best repairs, a VW/Audi reman radio $74. would be a great deal.  Unfortunately they are usually on backorder--repairer can't fix them as fast as they break!  So when you get tired of dealing with your OE radio....I will buy any '85 up model OE takeout VW/Audi Stereo Tape if all functions
work for $75.
If Radio doesn't tune or tape inop $50.00 paid

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