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Re: O2 sensor Primer

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Michael Shields wrote:

> > >are only guaranteed for 60,000 miles by Bosch, except for the new ones
> > >which are now rated for 100,000.  I have seen them last over 100,000
> > >miles, but Bosch won't stand behind them for more than 60,000.
> > 
> > Except us High Boost (15psi and above) guys are luckey to get 35,000 
> > miles out of them....
> Why is that?
> -- 

Prolly 'cause they are using leaded fuel.  If not that, then I don't know 
why.  I can't believe its the heat since rotary engines produce even more 
heat with no loss in O2 sensor life.  I don't _think_ excessively rich 
mixtures will reduce the lifespan too much, but I was wrong once or twice 
before...  :-)  (Contrary to Bob D's belief  :-)

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