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really dim bulbs; Tungsten Halide lighting

In message <961209080527_1086257495@emout19.mail.aol.com> I6941tb@aol.com writes:

> Yep, as of several years ago I just wash EVERY halogen bulb in methanol prior
> to installation.
> I don't even trust the OEM plant shippers anymore. Fortunately, no VAG
> mechanics (or any mechanics for that matter) touch my cars, except for an
> alignment guy once in every 2 years.
> I also put on thin knit cotton gloves to do that - you don't have to watch
> your fingers.
> Incidently, I find these gloves to be rather handy. They come in a box of 100
> and are sold by industrial suppliers.

Good ideas.  I hadn't thought of prophylactic washing, but since I buy
by the box now it's no great problem.

I use white cotton gloves in the darkroom and keep a couple of pairs in
a photographic changing bag, which is often in the car.

Years ago, my mother had a Toyota Crown Estate - when the back axle
went, a dozen pairs of white gloves were packed with the replacement.

 Phil Payne

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