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electronics questions

Limited Audi content follows...

Two quick questions...

1. I'm thinking about hardwiring a garage door opener into my 200. The
garage door opener runs on a 9 v battery, and the old passports came with
9 v adapters...can I simply run + to + and - to - and power this opener? I
plan on putting a switch in the circuit and permanently completing the
circuit inside the opener...the external momentary switch would provide
power to the opener, and would be the only visible portion of the whole
thing...everything else will get tucked away under the dash. Thoughts?

2. For anyone that provides the correct answer to #1 above, here's another
question...how close can a roof mounted cellular antenna be to a roof
mounted CB antenna? I'm specifically concerned about interference with the
cellular. Also, btw, I'm planning on installing a *short* cellular antenna
that has a small double globe rather than a full length (normal) antenna,
while the CB would be a quarter wave (I think, 60 inches or so) removable
mast, with the mast *usually* off... (Clearance issues here, this one is
on my *other* car, the tall English beast...)

Thoughts are appreciated,


Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200T 76K
1995 Range Rover County LWB 43K