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'85 GT clutch/tranny problems again

Well, here we go again.  My transmission is now making chirping/squeaking
noises when I try to put it into gear. 

A few weeks ago, I replaced the clutch slave and master cylinders because
I couldn't get the car into gear, and then sometimes when I pushed the
clutch in, to come to a stop, the car would continue to move forward.
Since then, the clutch has worked ok, although the transmission was a bit
more difficult to shift than in the past.

Well, late last night and early this morning, the car is exhibiting the
same symptoms.  It is extremely difficult (near impossible) to put the
car into gear from a stop.  Once I am moving, it is easier but still not
normal.  If I put the car in first at a stop, on level ground, and hold
the clutch in, the car will creep forward.  However, if I let the clutch
out, it seems to operate normally (i.e. there is some pedal travel before
I feel the clutch engage, maybe 2", then it engages normally), so I think
the hydraulics are working fine (that is, they hold pressure ok).

The difference, this time, is that something is chirping/squeaking when
I put the car in gear, and it sometimes squeaks when the car is in a gear
and I hold the clutch in.

My father suggested the possibility that a piece of the clutch disc has
broken off and slipped down between the gap.  Does this sound like the
case?  Any other thoughts?!?

'85 Coupe GT, makin' life difficult again
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