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Re: Outer CV Boots.

> I just tore my right outer cv boot on my 87 4KQ. I never changed the 
> outers only the inners, so I'm a little unsure. How do you take off 
> the Circlip? The bentley is vague on that. I don't have anything to 
> crimp the clamps, any suggestions? Do I have to unbolt the driveshaft,
>  or can this be done while on the car?

Get a pliers or a couple of small screwdrivers and you can get the
clamp off.  Make sure you use a new one.

It should be possible to just pop the ball joint out, remove the 30
mm axle nut, and access the outer joint without messing with the 
inner bolts.  Hope that it is, because otherwise, you're looking
at dropping the cat, removing the downpipe off the exhaust manifold,
a couple of metal covers that are sure to be rusted to pieces, 

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