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Did Hear Pink Slips?

In a message dated 96-12-09 13:16:41 EST, you write:

<< Maybe I should take someone up on their offer of s "pink slip race"
against a
 I don't think you guys know what a _REAL_ ur-quattro is!
I assure you phil, there are plenty of tweeked urq's running around this side
of the pond, from sports to 20vt, it's just a little harder to find them....
 So is good driving technique, so is proper car setup....  I will join Eric,
a few of us tweeked 5ktq's would be happy to know more what a REAL urq/driver
is...  Seen lots of the cars, seen alot of the drivers, too,  Eric and I sit
with them all the time...  Me, I gots a couple little piece of junk that
would just love to be blown away...  A couple of us have been known to
 outdrive "real" cars all the time with our little 10vt tanks....  That's at
the track tho, you prolly have the streets down better.....  hehehe....  Ok,
Eric and I in our 5ktq's and graydon in his SC...  I volunteer to run stock
ride height....  USD only please...