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Re: Why Can't Audi Be Like BMW?

The following is not to be taken as a defense of AoA or the parent 

The A4 and the A4 1.8 t (slush or stick) are still new enough to be 
relatively to definitely scarce.  So far, the market seems to be excited 
enough about the A4 in its various configurations so that no incentives 
for Audi loyalists or newbies off the street need be provided.

The M3 has been around for a bit.  Perhaps sales are getting a bit slow, 
inventory is stacked up on the docks in New Jersey, etc.  If, this time 
next year, the A4 has seen its sales fall lower than projections, or the 
1.8t turns out not to be the spectacular seller we all think it will be, 
then maybe Audi will do something.  My guess (and it is just that) is 
that what they will do is simply underwrite some pretty generous lease 
terms--as they did when my wife leased her '85 5k.

I know this does no really answer your question.  Maybe the real answer 
is that AoA just does not care about us enthusiasts or repeat 
customers.  I'm on my 4th Audi and might well do a 5th (A4q).  

Bill Murin
87 4kq