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RE: 1st Snow in My A4

>>Maybe you need to get your climate system checked?  My '97 A4Q always
>>switches on the A/C when I hit the demist button.

>>- -Mark Quinn

Mark, I don't think it's a problem with the system, it's an engineering

I found the truth hard to believe, until, I had to get to work
extra-early one morning.  California decided to have a chilly spell of
32 degrees faren...no problem, hit the defogger button, no condensor
symbol...the condensor did not switch back on until around 42 degrees
faren.  That's just the way the system is programmed.  

Similarly, you cannot recirculate the air in the car, even with the
condensor on, when you have selected the defogger button on
climate-control system.  Found that out this morning when trying to
avoid the fumes of the bus in front of me.

I hate to change the subject, but has anyone noticed rough idling on the
2.8L V6?  I come to a stop and the car idles (with the compressor on or
off) around 900-1000 rpm, and then begins its decent to 400-500...and
you begin to feel the car vibrating (it gets annoying).  My Honda had a
smoother/constant idle, and in our '89 Toyota Cressida (with 110k
+miles) you still can't tell whether the engine is on or off when it's
at idle.

Karteek Patel
'97 A4Q - 4010 miles