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Did Hear Pink Slips?

In message <961209142641_873576349@emout14.mail.aol.com> STEADIRIC@aol.com writes:

> Several weeks ago I drove a Sport Q, and I know that car will blow yours
> into the weeds.... and it's here in the US.

There seem to be quite a few over there.  Most of the ones I see are
not "stock" - whatever "stock" is for a Sport.  All of them seem to have
been treated as the starting point for yet more madness.

There's no way I'd take on a Sport - we're talking whole different
classes again.  I've had some fun with 20Vs, though, and they are
definitely _NOT_ in a different class to the MB.  Indeed, one urq
driver reported keeping up with a 20V urq in a turbo diesel Mondeo
the other week.  A lot is down to the driver.

If our madness (driving to Pikes Peak) comes off, perhaps we'll have
a chance for an Intercontinetal Challenge.

 Phil Payne

 (phil@sievers.com, despite what the bounces say.  If I don't
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