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Hey gang,

I just got a call from a friend of mine that has a 1990 V8
Quattro.  He was in Minneapolis with it and had just pulled up to a
stoplight.... so he's sitting at the light waiting when all of a
sudden the car dies... COMPLETELY.  The lights, climate control,
etc etc all were gone.  So he tries to restart the car and it just
barely turned over.  So now he's stuck in traffic at this
intersection removing the rear seat to make sure the thing is
properly connected.  ;)  He said it looked fine (was a newer
battery BTW).   

Next step was a flat-bed truck ride to Carousel Audi on the MPLS
west side.  Upon arrival, they hooked the thing up to the
diagnostic computer and got 'no response' (as in nada, zilch,
zero).  They think the car's computer may be 'dead'.  The bad part
is that the computer supposedly lists for 3200 big ones!  If that
is the case, my friend will be walking away from the car with
middle fingers extended.  ;)  

Can anybody out there speculate as to what might have happened to
the thing?  Anyone BTDT?   And... worst case scenario, anyone got
a used 'puter from a 90 V8 lying around?

Many thanks in advance,


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