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Re: Get a 4000?

	A 4000 Quattro isn't any accord.  It will be expensive to buy 
parts, just as it is for many european cars.  However, if you maintain 
the car (as I'm sure you will) than the car will run for a long long 
time.  I bought my '87 4000CS Quattro with 105k racked up on it, and 1 
year and 15k later its still runnin' like a dream!  Take care of them 
4000 engines and they're bullet-proof!  Also with the Audi's big, heavy 
steel frame you're pretty well off as far as accidents go (although I've 
never tried to drive mine through any other cars, street lights, 
buildings etc...)  Their are a lot of them 4000's around and that makes 
the pickins' for used and rebuilt parts plentiful and that will save you 
the some cash.  My guess for those who've told you that they break down a 
lot is that they probably couldn't change their own oil nor do they drive 
the car within its own limits...it's no race car but if you try to drive it like 
one you'll probably wish you hadn't later.

The 4000 quattro isn't going to win you any stoplight dashes but it will 
get you safely through any conditions dependably and relatively economically.
JUST TREAT IT NICE! and it will treat you nice too!

Tornado Red '87 4000CS Quattro-