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V6 timing mark

So I'm replacing my timing belt on my '93 100CSQ. Oh, and by the way, 
be sure you also replace the tensioner.  I didn't last time and it
split, which caused the timing belt to be pushed forward and be shredded
against the plastic cover.  Luckily I discovered this while I still had
1/4 inch of belt left!

Where was I, oh yeah, so I'm looking at the timing marks, which are
all lined up and I thought I'd look into cyl 1 to see what the
piston was up to.  It wasn't up to TDC where I expected it to be.
Now the car ran fine on this timing.  In fact, when I changed the belt
last time, I had one of the cams off by a tooth and it ran noticeably
rougher.  I can't imagine that my timing would have been off 60 degrees
and had it still run fine.  

What's up with this timing mark?  Do audi and I have a disconnect on what
constitutes cyl 1 (I think it's the front, passenger side cyl)?  Anyone
else see this?  What's more, if it isn't right, the crank pulley is keyed so I 
can't rotate it to make the mark correct...