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Audi A2 coming soon?

Hi all,

Another snippet of Audi info: I used the local newsagents' as a public
library, and read another German car mag (don't recall the name)
I don't know if any of you followed the recent news about the
Greenpeace-designed car, based on a Renault Twingo, that was supposed to
break the 3 litre/100 km fuel consumption limit, a magic number in car
manufacturer's circles. (about 50 mpg for US readers)
Well, Audi's currently planning a model that should do just that. A sub-A3
type, perhaps called the A2, will come out 'before the end of the century',
according to Ferdinand Piech. It will feature the alloy spaceframe/alloy
panelling first tried on the A8. This car will have a TDI engine,
especially tuned for economy. The body style (if the spy drawing is
anything to go by) will be much like the forthcoming Swatch
Mercedes/A-class. In other words, a minivan in the 3 metre class, quite
narrow, short and high. There was also mention of a VR5 engine option.

No S-car this time. Still, even if it looks ridiculous, with the VR5 and
virtually no weight this could be fun...

1988 80 1.8S

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