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RE: Perf Upgrades for V6 A4Q's anyone??

Chip Upgrade =  Modifying boost

A4q 2.8L engine is normally aspirated. There is nothing to chip. Sorry.
TAP was supposedly selling a "chip" upgrade for the 2.8L V6 but I would
avoid it like the plague. The real way to go about enhancing this engine
(and I do own a 96 A4q) is by looking into other modifications:

Schaumber throttle body (search the archives for info)
Remove the center muffler, put a straight pipe in its place, and add a
free-flow rear muffler

These breathing enhacnements might get you an extra 10-15 bhp
realistically. Beyond those you are better off selling the car, and
waiting for the 30v 2.8L V6 which will be out in the USA in a little
over a year from now, or the twin-turbo 2.8L 30v V6 which may-or may not
make it to the USA. HTH,


>From: 	Mark Quinn/HNS[SMTP:Mark_Quinn@notesgw.hns.com]
>Sent: 	Sunday, December 08, 1996 8:12 PM
>To: 	quattro
>Cc: 	Mark Quinn/HNS
>Subject: 	Perf Upgrades for V6 A4Q's anyone??
>As a recent subscriber to this 'chat session' I've seen a lot
>of odds & ends about 'chip' upgrades for various Turbos.  I
>just became proud owner of an '97 A4Q.  Does anyone have 
>experience of performance ('chip' etc) upgrades for the std
>A4 V6.  I know there's a lot of "caveat emptors" for perf
>upgrades so only personal experience please (plus info on 
>where to buy).
>Please ... no 'flames' about checking the archives.  Have YOU
>ever tried to find anything in those archives?
> Mark Quinn